Soot, Whisky and Ho Hos (A Shenanigans Tale) (#1): Even Santa has a drinking partner!

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Our favorite cavemen try to kill a brontosaurus, meet a saucy new friend, and learn a little bit about music. They have all the tools to build a base, but will they find the materials they need to survive?

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It's another episode of Astroneer! The goal is simple: gather dumb shit and use that shit to build cool shit. Hopefully it will please our "holey" deity. Achievement Hunter's finest astronauts visit Gavin's questionably-named British planet. In British Astroneer, the way you pronounce aluminum is super important. Geoff, Jack, Michael, and Jeremy are playing Badland, and damned if they wont finish this game!

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It might take a few parts, but they are destined to get sucked! Geoff, Jack, Michael, and Jeremy are back. They're getting killed harder and sucked faster. I mean they're getting sucked harder and killed The lads go head to head in three exciting games of 2v2 with alternating teams in the action packed Xbox Live Arcade Game, BattleBlock Theater. There's one star remaining in all of the Battleborn universe and Achievement Hunter is going to fight to take control over it!

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Will they be up to the challenge or will history repeat itself? I'm willing to bet it's one of those. It's the year The Achievement Hunter boys have died, and sloths have stolen their faces to wear as cool hats.

The new, slothy versions of Geoff, Jack, Ryan, and Lil J duke it out in a post-apocalyptic pizza sloth battle. They've hunted Bigfoot, but now it's time to go after a new foe. The boys head into the frozen wilderness to hunt the elusive Yeti. All we know is he loves biting backs and eating Big Macs.

The gang bands together to save a neighborhood taken over by pure evil. Can they work together to find the clues to save the town?

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Michael witnesses the powerhouse known as Geoff showcase his skills as an FPS master! This video is sponsored by Gameloft. Watch them build. Watch them destroy. Gus, Brandon, Barbara, and Gavin have a blast as they play Bombernauts. Will they be able to keep their cool, or will their explosive tempers get the better of them?

Are there any more bomb puns? I think we're out of bomb puns. Kaboom kapow explosion. Achievement Hunter finds out who's the best at beating the crap out of the rest in Brawlhalla! Consult your doctor if you think you had crap come out of you while watching this video.

Watch as Michael smashes a broken glass bottle into Jeremy's eyeballs and Ryan throws Gavin down a huge-ass hole.

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We're busting out the PS2 for this childhood favorite. Pop quiz, hotshot! There's three guys playing a game. Once they start playing, you all click and watch. If the video gets less than , views, I get fired. What do you do? Michael and Ryan embark on an exciting quest of exploration and discovery in this special bonus Let's Play. Friendships will be shattered. Chairs will be thrown. Everything will be punched. There will be no survivors.

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The hotel was set far enough away from the hustling, bustling surfing and shopping mecca known as Waikiki. Sorry Dave. Keep that in mind when making your purchasing decision. I only wish the stars could go negative. Metro Parks and Recreation metro-parks. She is pleased with my blood work etc.

Well, not literally, but at least half of this week's players will be figuratively destroyed. That's close enough, right? Take a journey down memory lane with the gang as they seek adventure, honor, and pummel one another for the princess's affection! I bet you all thought [husband] and [wife] were such a happy couple, but turns out [wife] is a cheating sonuvagun! Can [wife] and [lover] get away with their spicy affair, or will [husband] and his trusty dog [dog] run [lover] and his inch dong out of the house? Once more, Achievement Hunter roleplay as a husband, a wife, and wife's lover, as they all scramble after each other in a mad house of drama.

Jeremy's been hard at work at the police station, and has decided to come home early to the loving embrace of his wife, Michael. Little does he know that their pool boy, Ryan, is at his home right now, having an extra-marital affair with his precious Michael. Now Jeremy is home, and he notices that their dog, Gavin, is outside, trying to alert his master to the shenanigans taking place inside Ever wonder who would win in a fight between Ron Jeremy and Mr.

Neither do we, but folks in must have really wanted to know. Shaun and Craig show Michael, Jeremy, Ryan, Jack, and Geoff one of the most ridiculous games based on one of the most ridiculous claymation shows of the late 90's. Realistic details are important in a situation like this. Geoff, Alfredo, and Matt continue their adventures around the wonders of the world and go visit Big Ben. Hopefully they can make their Big Ben in Civilization VI look a little bit better than the current one under construction. Geoff, Ryan, Michael, and Jeremy smash swords against swords and then fly violently across the map in this Xbox One Arcade title.

It's time to clash! This week, Gus, Blaine, and Brandon are out clashing against mythical beasts, roughly between 6 and 7am. These mighty warriors fight diligently to keep the realm safe, just not at day or night.

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Also not at dusk. If you need saving at dusk, you're totally boned. Burnie tries to guide Barbara, Gavin and Gus to safety out of an overrun police station.

99. "Ogres are like onions."

Soot, Whisky and Ho Ho's (A Shenanigans Tale) (#1): Even Santa has a drinking partner! eBook: K.J. Broadhurst: Kindle Store. You can download and read online Soot, Whisky and Ho Hos (A Shenanigans Tale) (#1): Even Santa has a drinking partner! file PDF Book only if you are.

Will they escape? Hopefully, their relationships survive longer than their characters. So they're finally here, saving planets for you If you know the words you can join in too Put your hands together if you want to clap As we take you through this lazer rap LT! Lazer Team He's the leader of the bunch. Lazer Team LT! Lazer Team is here!

100. "I don't have friends. I got family."

Lazer Team He has a bad mustache but a really cool visor That made this poor dummy a whole lot wiser He can use Xray vision to go spelunking for rubies Or just use that power to check out some boobies HUH! Lazer Team This one is lazy, at least he was in the past Now he's got super boots and he runs really fast He could start in Taiwan and in five minutes be here And he'll even show up with a 6-pack of beer HUH! Lazer Team is here He's not a part of the team but he is in the movie He's the champ of the Earth and that's pretty damn groovy Now instead of fend off an alien invasion These five dudes are just gonna play Contagion.

It's the bro-venture of Tiny Terry and Little Larry! They get orbs! They get guns!

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But most importantly, they get swole, bro. Today, Michael's going to tackle that level head first. Geoff, Michael, Ryan, and Ray compete to become a true hero in Crawl! The gang put on their pots and pans in an attempt to serve a hot plate of death on the battlefield. Sexy teens, pitted against each other in a battle royale, sexy teen vs sexy teen. Things will really steam up, in a sexy sense, when these sexy teens start hunting each other down for sport, and for lust. We've pumped up the heat and humidity so these sexteens are all running around in shorts and sexy tank tops, sweating on each other, using bows and arrows and tongues to kill and love.

A hot and slick morass of blood and twisted limbs and naked flesh, pressed against flesh.