Meant To Be (Heaven Hill Book 1)

Losing Control (Heaven Hill, #3) by Laramie Briscoe
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My Liam My Denise A great start to the series Hit a great high in mid-point in the book and ended off with a great bang that made me keep trying to look for more View all 8 comments. Aug 12, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: biker-romance , kindle-own , september-reads. This was a 3. I have always loved "biker romances," and I thought Laramie Briscoe did a great job in adding all of the factors that make this kind of romance enjoyable. The story begins with introducing us to a single mom of 13 year old twins who is becoming down on her luck.

Denise Cunningham has just been giving a notice of disclosure on her home, and on her birthday to boot. She is so far in de This was a 3. She is so far in debt, she is panicking that she will lose her home. Like any mother, she is feeling a desperate need to protect her twins from the heartaches of life. She recieves a phone call from a lady that she works with, and who is the sister of a member of the motorcycle club in town. She does her a favor, which puts her on the radar of the Heaven Hill Motorcycle Club's president.

William Walker demands that his son, Liam who is the VP of the gang use Denise's unfortunate circumstances to their advantage and send her on a drug run for the club. This goes against Liam's comfort level; but he does it anyway because he needs to follow orders. Like any mother who is out to protect her children; she dives into the illegal activities of the motorcycle gang! There are some events that happen in this book that are upsetting; but they are situations that tend to come with the harsh lifestyle of a motorcycle club.

Even though there are some pretty disturbing scenes, they are not as graphic as some books I have read. I think that is where my rating comes in, I felt that the book could have been more descriptive in some parts.

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And as usual, I could always use more sex in my stories!! LOL The sex that was in here was great; but again I felt like more detail could have been added! This is a series I would definitely encourage readers to try, and I look forward to more books about the "Heaven Hill" Motorcycle Club! View all 9 comments.

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Bikers are my weakness. There I've said it. I was in a book daze with no idea what to read after the emotionally exhausting books I had just finished.

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Meant to Be book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Single off factory runner for the Heaven H. Editorial Reviews. Review. Overall, this is a great first effort from this new author and I think she Meant To Be (Heaven Hill Book 1) by [Briscoe, Laramie].

I was looking for something not dark and a quick read. First let me say that I enjoyed this book. Is it one of my faves? No, but I do see potential with the series. There's just a certain something that I've grown accustomed to in my biker reads and it was missing in this one. Also it came across as resembling Sons of Anarchy a little too much.

Th Bikers are my weakness. This book is short, and even though there is some action, there's not too much drama or angst between the hero and heroine. I also liked that there was no instalove or instalust between the main characters. They're relationship just kind of fell into place after Liam claimed Denise as his property. Even though I did not agree with the illegal acts the heroine participated in, it was great that she stood by her man and always had his back. Liam is the the VP of the motorcycle club and a very bad guy, I guess this comes with the territory.

Anyway at first I wasn't sure how I felt about him, but he slowly but surely redeemed himself. Are you freaking serious?

I look forward to seeing the direction the author takes the series. I will be reading book two because I loved Tyler, and I'm interested in seeing how his relationship with Meredith plays out. They definitely have a few hurdles to overcome. Rating: 3. View all 5 comments.

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Sep 22, Loz rated it it was ok. Aug 06, Cyndi rated it it was ok Shelves: safe. I feel bad only giving this 2 stars, but I was underwhelmed with this book. Things happen and Denise and her kids need to move in with Liam for safety. Their relationship felt like it was out of convenience not attraction. Also there were times the h would question if Liam had slept with certain women but she never asks and we never find out. I would have liked it better if the author didn't have Denise wonder I feel bad only giving this 2 stars, but I was underwhelmed with this book.

I would have liked it better if the author didn't have Denise wonder about it since she never had the nerve to ask. Also there were too many POV's.

Meant To Be: Heaven Hill, #1

In the course of this book we hear from the H, h, H's best friend, h's friend, H's dad, H's mom, H's sister and a bad guy. Way too many for me. And the h is a single mom who has devoted her life to her kids, but the minute she is in with the MC she is fine with letting others care for her kids.

Half the time she is asking the H where her kids are and they are usually with other MC kids or being watched by H's sister. It seemed weird to me. Safety gang safe Jul 18, Dawn rated it really liked it. View 1 comment. Aug 11, Beth rated it liked it Shelves: hot-motorcycle-badasses. More connection.

Meant To Be - Heaven Hill #1 - Read book online

More bad asses. More steam. More cowbells. I wanted this to be good. It has all the things I love in a great story. The characters were interesting. THere were Alpha Males, motorcycle guys at that.

A great heroine. Strong but struggling. I just didn't feel it.

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I needed to feel what they felt more. Denise is single mom with twin 13 year olds.

Heaven Hill Series - Complete Series

She gets sucked into a situation just trying to help a friend. Ends up she 3. Ends up she is now on the radar of a Motorcycle Club and their rivals. Liam is a VP of the MC.

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He doesn't do relationships. He is just trying to keep his club going and his brothers alive.

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