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A die cut is a great idea, Theresa! This is a fabulous idea, but I would love to see step by step pictures. I agree completely, Jennie! I created this lesson plan to go along with a hands-on workshop where I taught everyone how to do it. Directions : Haiku: 1. Begin by reading a few haiku poems to your students, so they get the feel for the structure of the verse. Choose haiku that focus on nature as a theme, as you find in traditional Japanese haiku.

Explain that a haiku does not need to rhyme.

Titles are optional. Show how each of the 3 lines has a specific number of syllables 5,7,5. Practice by clapping out the syllables in the haiku you just read. Pass out post cards and have students write a nature-themed haiku to go with their postcard. The first line 5 syllables introduces their subject, the 2nd line 7 syllables continues describing it, and the 3rd line 5 syllables completes the idea.

Tunnel Book: 1. Next, put a little glue along the inside edge of two of your hinges, and place them on the left and right sides of the back of your post card. Write one line of your haiku across the top of each of 3 cards, and your title if you want one across the other. Trace with Sharpie.

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Now, illustrate each page of your book by choosing elements from the post card and repeating them on the edges of each page. Keep most of your design along the top, bottom and sides, but allow some elements to overlap into the center section. Remember that objects closer to you will appear larger than those farther away. Outline your drawing with Sharpie and color with colored pencils.

Tunnel in the Sky Lesson Plans

Cut away the center section of each page, cutting around any elements that extend into the middle. By pinching the middle of each page, without creasing to the edges, you can snip into the center to create an opening for your scissors. Assemble your tunnel book, working from the back line 3 of your haiku to the front , gluing the back of each hinged page to the hinges behind it.

Teaching Tunnel in the Sky

Optional pocket: 8. Glue the other half to the back of your postcard. Finally, glue the front of the hinges to the back of the post card to complete your pocket. Now, write a story, fold it up, and put it in the pocket! You may also like What a great tutorial, thanks! Our partnership programme ensures that we are invested in your success. An iFLY partner can expect:.

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