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A crucial part of becoming a contractor superstar is knowing how much you are worth, and establishing the value of your business and its services. One secret to becoming a superstar is to narrow your focus and target your audience. Joe will show you how to find your niche and completely dominate it.

This ebook provides many secrets on how superstar contractors set up and manage their businesses, from employee interactions to pricing packages. This ebook contains a simple, straight-forward list of behaviours and best practices that set superstar contractors apart from the rest. Joe Crisara sets up a clear path to becoming a superstar of your own. Joe Crisara, a world-wide sales educator and entrepreneur, has a style that has you feeling like he is a member of your family or someone you met before.

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BE A SELLING SUPER-STAR's performance strategies will empower you to sell more effectively and achieve your sales goals 24/7. The chapters are packed. Superstars are made, not born. Find your key to becoming a Superstar by doing what the Superstars do. SuperStar Selling: 12 Keys to Becoming a Sales.

His down-to-earth, direct and impassioned approach combines 31 years of contracting experience with strong expertise in sales best practices. Thus, anticipate hearing the thunderous ring of truth from Joe, who stands apart from traditional sales professionals as he helps contractors achieve revenues times greater than the average salesperson. Joe resides in Templeton, California with his wife Julie and their son Wyatt. Joe grew up in rural, northern Illinois for most of his life, where he and Julie owned and operated a profitable service contracting business.

Joe earned a degree at Harper College in Become a Superstar Contractor!

If your products are non-toxic, what does that mean? Fewer asthma spells? Less allergies? Poor marketing strategies are one of the top reasons home businesses fail, so it's important to develop a marketing plan that highlights the product's or service's benefits to your target market.

The Basics

What websites do they surf, what magazines do they read, what organizations do they belong to, etc.? That's where you want to focus your marketing efforts. As already mentioned, most direct sales companies recommend making a list of people that you know, which can be a good place to start—except if none of those people need your product or business.

Instead, use your network to help you find people in your target market. You need to differentiate yourself to stand out from the thousands of other people who are working with the same company.

A great way to do this is to tell your personal story, since nobody else is you or has your exact story. You are the biggest differentiator there is out there, and if people resonate with you and your story then they're more likely to want to buy from you. It's also something that another sales rep can't replicate. Other ways to set yourself apart are offering a higher level of service or a loyalty program, or to customize what you offer.

Learn how to sell better, more and faster, in any market.

You can also develop your own website and marketing tools, if allowed by your company, to help showcase your personal style and set you apart from the others. You can also offer an email newsletter with tips and helpful hints.

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With the help of Joe Crisara's 21 Secrets of Superstar Contractors, you'll be on the road to excellence. Learn More. Our stores beg for Toula to come and train! Expectations Of Type. Poor salespeople continuously promise a lot and deliver less, or promise a little and deliver next to nothing.

The direct sales reps who make the most presentations are usually the ones who get more sales, so the more appointments you make, the better. Some direct sales companies have successful representatives that do group presentations by phone, webinar or live video. In some cases, you can simply invite your prospects to attend and let your mentor do the presentation. The fortune is in the follow-up , so develop a system for staying in touch with prospects, clients, and new business builders.

Good customer service and continued contact go a long way to getting repeat and referral business for all types of businesses, not just direct sales. Just make sure you close the sale.

6 Sales Secrets to Turn a Rookie Into a Sales Superstar

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Phase 1 – Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile for Sales

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